About Us

Enchanted Wreath is the partnership of two super talented florists, Lyn Oswin, owner of Enchanted Floristry and Ami Speed, a part time freelance florist.

Born out of a complete love of flowers (bordering on obsession), Lyn and Ami devised and developed their first make your own advent wreath kit whilst working together on a floral job at the height of a very busy wedding season.

Most of their conversations and ideas nearly always relate to flowers ultimately!

Floristry Knowledge

Following the success of Enchanted Floristry’s workshops, the pair were keen to pass on their floristry skills and knowledge to more budding floral arrangers.

Enchanted Wreath was created from a desire to share their guidance and passion for flowers. And to make it easy for people to make their own creations.

Preserved Products

Enchanted Wreath uses innovative and novel preserved produce, to create wonderful unique and lasting décor for your own home. This derives from the founders’ love of foraging for foliage and flora, as well as keeping an eye on trends to incorporate new things in their designs.